Paellas in China

We have a wide variety in this main dish, from the classic authentic Valenciana, with our family recipe, to the new Asian fusion we have developed. Our Paellas are produced customized, one by one, with specific and particular steamed toppings for each single creation. We hope you enjoy this healthy, tasty and complex dish prepared specially for you.  

The Paellas are all cooked with Non-Blended Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy or Spain , Seasoned Imported Salt, Glutten Free Imported Saffron, Original Bomba Spanish Rice, Organic Vegetables and my Family Ruiz Recipe preparation. Plus the specific ingredients for each flavor. Spicy Chilly Oil on request. We try to use the less frozen food as possible and most important, not canned or preserved Ingredients ( With the exception of the black squid ink which comes in jar).

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My Main Flavors include:

The Queen

Deluxe Supreme Seafood

DeLuXe Supreme Seafood. An awesome Mix of Clamps, Oyster, Snail, Shrimp, Cuttlefish, Korean Jeju Abalone, Squid Rings and Crab Meat with Fresh Organic Peppers, Onion, Garlic, Green Peas, Carrot and Sweet Corn. Imported Bomba Rice. Chinese and White Spanish Wines. Yellow Saffron. Red Hebras. Spanish Extra Virgen Olive Oil. Artisan Spring Water. Squid Ink. Tomato Basil Pasta. And these steamed toppings. U8 Tiger Shrimp. . Norway Salmon Bites and Canadian Lobster Tails. 


All Meats

We selected the best around the world to give you this groumet delight. Pamp Beef from Argentina, Prosciutto from Italy. Selected lamb from New Zealand. Naturally feed chicken. Kerchin black pepper sazoned beef. Plus organic peppers. Red onions. Topped with Steamed German minis and stuffed olives or Spanish Sausage. Toppings may vary from the picture. 



Fresh Seafood  - Deluxe Seafood - Gourmet Seafood

Black Ocean

Exotic Blue (Sushiella)

White and Red ( Mixed Meats )



Chinese Spicy Mixed Meats

Chinese Spicy Mixed Meats

A bed of Chilli and Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a  hint of imported red saffron threads, organic mini red peppers, 3 kinds of green peppers, red onion, mushrooms, pampa argentina beef, fresh clamps meat and squid. Original Bomba rice, seasoned salt and Garlic. Topped with steamed stuffed olives and portobello mushrooms.

New Freshthy Chicken Weekends

Warm, Comfort, Sweetness, Fresh and Healthy. That is our New Freshthy Chicken Paella. Perfect for a Saturday or Sunday Lunch. These veggies will melt on your mouth. A balsamic-wine-soy marinated chicken combined with little chunks of carrots, some corn and some green peas. Those colors that makes you happy just on your table.Original Bomba Rice, Imported Yellow Saffron, Non-Blended Extra Virgin Olive Oil, The Ruiz infusion of Garlic and Sweet Tomatoes that melt on the mix with Basil plus an in-houses blended pinch of salt-pepper-lemon-cheese powder. Steamed Spinach for the topping and the smoky flavor and smell that gets to the deepest of your mind.

New Freshthy Chicken Weekends

Customized - Mixed Flavors - Half and Half 

Corporative or Gathering Size

(Up to 25-30 people per paellera)

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Additional Ingredients by request :

Crab Claws, Crab Legs, Tenderloin, Angus or Kobe Beef, Long or Short Ribs, Chicken Hearts or Chicken Legs, Steamed Fish as topping.

Our prices do not include the pick up in Paella Pot, the Paella is packed in plastic containers for you to pick up, Paella-in-pot service requires a deposit for the pot to take away with you. Once you return the pot you will get 80% of your deposit.





- Pictures are for reference mostly -

(Your Paella will look with different toppings)

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