Fusion Food in China

The art of cooking in the most respectful way , we try to help you travel to your best memories and most delicate moments of your life through texture, color, flavor and smell.Fusion in China is the result of a passion and a deep desire of many years finally materializing.

Let us show you the complexity and intensity of flavor based on the best ingredients, healthy choices we pick up for you fresh and combined with family traditional recipes which we finally can show to the world in a more open way and proudly guide others through a trip into Hispanoamerican food. From the South of America, to the Coast of Spain and their unique way to cook the traditional Spanish Paella and some variations we have developed into new horizons for this particular dish and other dishes, using either techniques from there, and ingredients from here, or viceversa.


Quality Non-Blended Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Organic Produce, High Quality International Meats and Detailed Meticulous Procedures of Incorporation is what you will find in our dishes. 

This is not a restaurant, is a personal experience for each of you that contract our cooking service for your event or simply to take your Paella to your home. Delivery service is available around the Metro Line 1 of Shenzhen at the moment. 

There is no event or gathering too big, we have paellas for all your meetings

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