Welcome to the Blue Dragon commercial page. After the division of Dragon Group China (http://www.dragongroupchina.com) where you can see more of his works and the creation of Asia Connection Group, the Blue Dragon present some of his more valuable projects developed and other activities in which he is involved. Here you will find an eclectic mix of different technologies and devices created, enhanced, perfected or developed by the Blue Dragon and his closed associates. From Digital Smart controlled machines, to full factories,chemicals and QC procedures.

Also you will find his own private pesonal cooking service for the South China area. Any questions or comments or inquires, write to the email below or use the contact page in each specific field of his works.  Thanks   ... Blue Dragon Holdings




如果您有拉丁美洲的顾客,中美或者南美洲的,关于语言和风俗方面的我都可以帮忙。是免费的,我只是想帮助别人,因为当你能回报别人那也是一种成功。中国给了我一切。 现在到了我回报的时候了。

E-mail: info @  bdhworld.com

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